Inspiration for Painting with Kids

I’m sorry for the delay between posts.  We’ve been having lots of quality family summer fun around here.  We enjoy many things about summer, but one of our favorite things to do is to PAINT OUTSIDE!  (The boys love the painting part anytime, anywhere.  And…I love the outside part.)

We paint abstractly/freestyle a lot.  When we do that, I just give the boys a canvas or piece of paper, a paint brush, and some paint.  Sometimes, I will outline their names or a drawing of a car/train/animal/etc. on their paper and then allow them to paint in the lines.  And, other times, we will do some handprint/footprint paintings where I brush paint on their hands and/or feet, then press their painted appendage onto the paper/canvas, and then embellish the prints myself into a fun shape or animal.  Below are some paintings that our boys and their cousins painted for their grandparents last summer.  Once the canvases were finished, I brushed a layer of Minwax polycrylic protective finish over the top of them.  And, we gave the finished art to grandma and grandpa for Christmas!


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