Rustic Colored Pencil Holder

I saw this idea on Pinterest and fell in love.  So, I asked my dad to help me with it during our trip to Ohio last month.  Decently sized fallen trees are easier to come by in Ohio than in Texas (especially since they just had a big storm a few weeks before we arrived).  First, acquire a log…like the one below.  This log is about 6″ in diameter and will accommodate about 12 colored pencils.  To accommodate 24 colored pencils, choose a log 8″ in diameter.  And, to accommodate 36 colored pencils, choose a log 9″ in diameter.

Next, cut the log down to the desired height.  I chose to make mine 4-5″ tall.  As an optional but recommended step, apply 2-3 coats of shellac to the log.  Shellac will help keep the wood from splitting and cracking with use.

Next, drill the desired number of holes (12, 24, or 36) into the top of your log about 1.5″ deep.  Use a drill bit slightly larger than the diameter of your colored pencils (test this on a scrap piece of board before drilling your log).  Apply a little bit of shellac to the holes to protect them.

Once the shellac has dried, drumroll please…insert your colored pencils into the holder and behold its rustic beauty!  I made each of my kids one of these:

And, then, I made this one for me:

…it’s a bit unfair, I know, but they will probably be hijacking borrowing my colored pencils soon anyway!  🙂


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