Super Glue for Minor Wounds

I’m sure you can think of plenty of uses for super glue around your house for fixing objects.  Super glue is great (…and not so great…) because it sticks to EVERYTHING.  In fact, did you know that super glue was used during the Vietnam war to bind up the skin of wounded soldiers and retard their bleeding until they could receive medical treatment?

THAT was a revolutionary discovery for me because I HATE band-aids.  You can’t get them wet or dirty or they fall off and there is just something thoroughly gross to me about finding someone else’s band-aid laying around.  Anyway, I have started using super glue to bind up my MINOR household injuries.  I am not a doctor of medicine and, obviously, if you have a deep/major injury, you should seek medical attention.  I’m just sharing my personal experiences and revelations here.

A few months ago I cut my thumb nail and forefinger while I was prepping for dinner.  Thankfully, I remembered this little trick.  I super-glued my minor wounds together, being careful to ONLY glue the injured portion of skin NOT any other skin/fingers (and make the wound worse).  And, then, I was well enough to go on cooking.  No band-aids getting wet and falling off, no blood in the food, no blood gushing everywhere from a wound reopening while I continued to work, just some sore but functional fingers.  During that same cutting accident, I also cut my thumb nail, which I have since super-glued together another 2 or 3 times until it gets long enough to trim off the cracked portion.  So, I’ve found super glue wonderful for repairing broken finger nails as well as minor skin cuts.


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