Chalkboard Art

This time around, my nesting has taken the form of completing a bunch of home decor projects that I’ve been meaning to get to…but just haven’t done yet.  For us, that has meant sewing new pillow covers for the couches in the living room, mounting curtain rods and picture frames to the walls and placing curtains and art on them…AND, this beauty:


Years ago, I was inspired to decorate my dining room with a mirror similar to the Pottery Barn Egan Mirror, some rustic Lanterns, and a chalkboard.  My intention was to update the chalkboard often with menus when we had dinner guests, welcome messages when we had overnight guests, birthday messages, inspirational quotes, etc.  However, life with little ones, chores and other priorities caught up with me and my chalkboard became either a board of outdated statements…or blank.  So, I turned to Pinterest for my favorite inspirational quotes, selected one…and then, turned to Pinterest again for chalkboard art font/design inspiration from some wonderful artists like these:

Combining inspiration from these sources, my chalkboard now bears a long-term message of love and endearment.  Sighing a happy sigh at the beauty of it and another nesting project done!  🙂

P.S.  To make the chalkboard itself.  I simply bought a photo frame and a canvas to fit inside.  Then, I painted the canvas with chalkboard paint (from Lowe’s) and, voila, I made a pretty chalkboard.


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