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I’m baaack!  (Insert big smile.)  Thank you for being gracious to me while I took a little siesta from blogging.  I’m sorry I left so abruptly, but I realized I needed to let a few things go for a period of time for the sake of my health (and sanity) while I got into a good sustainable routine.  Let’s pick up where we left off.  As you may remember, in the summer of 2013, we welcomed sweet Gwyn into our family.  She’s been a joy and a treasure and since she’s our first daughter we’ve had many “ahh-hah” moments as we realize first hand the many differences between boys and girls.

The first thing that we noticed is that she smiled from day 1.  Now, I know that babies are not “supposed” to be able to smile, that it’s likely gas or some more rational explanation like that.  But, I’m convinced she truly smiled, in context, from day 1 (a side note and bad joke: it may be she was an early developer in this context because she was overbaked at 2 weeks past my EDD).  After “dada” and “mama” her third word was “hi” and she used it in context eeeeeverywhere we went for 3-4 months solid.  One of the next things we noticed is that she is quick to apologize, not wanting the person’s she’s hurt to be in pain or the relationship to be broken for long.  All that to say, the “ahh-hah” moment we’ve had with her is that she has truly been much more relational than our boys were at her age.   There will be more I’m sure, but it’s been fun to experience.

After adequately adoring and cherishing our new arrival, I jumped straight into my first job since Elliot was born!  In the fall of 2013, I began directing a Classical Conversations (CC) community here in Amarillo.  Classical Conversations is a homeschool support group with the mission to know God and make Him known by equipping parents and encouraging students as they study core subjects using the classical method of education with a Biblical worldview.  While our homeschooling journey has been wonderful, productive and replete with life lessons for everyone in the family, we were looking for some community, accountability, and structure.  And, CC as we call it, has provided just what we were looking for all around, with the added bonus of a little positive peer pressure in a wonderful Christian environment to move our academic studies to a much higher level.

The combination of welcoming and adoring Gwyn with starting a local CC group was what led to my siesta from blogging.  I *finally* feel like we’re in a good, healthy routine and I’m dying to share with you a few things that I’ve learned about stress, health and wellness along the way (and shortly thereafter, some super fun crafts and recipes I’ve tried). But, before I get too far ahead of myself, we’ll stick to the former and the next few blog posts will be dedicated directly to just that, health and wellness.

And, since you may have forgotten what we look like, here’s the family picture we included in our Christmas cards.



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