Red Lipstick and Rouge

Today, I’m going to share one of my new makeup loves with you – a lipstick/rouge combination.  I love it for several reasons.  First, I love the color.  It’s deep, rich and full.  I also love that you can tailor the color to your preferences (be sure to look at my notes in the preparation and use section below to see how to adjust the color).  I love that the rouge actually stays on my cheeks and doesn’t rub off after a few minutes.  I love that it’s nourishing and healthy and made from beneficial ingredients.  And, I hope you’ve noticed by now that it uses many of the same ingredients as well as the same procedure as the lip balm, lotion bar, facial moisturizer, and moisturizing lotion I’ve shown you previously.  So, if you’re planning to start making these things yourself, you’ll find that you use the same ingredients over and over again, which not only saves you money, but makes you more efficient in the process of making them (I often make them all at once to save on the time creating them, getting the ingredients out and putting them up, and on cleaning.)  So, without further ado, here’s the recipe.


0.30 ounces Grapeseed or Almond Oil

0.25 ounces Unrefined Raw Shea Butter

0.15 ounces Cocoa Butter

0.15 ounces Beeswax Pellets

1/2 – 1 tsp. Red Mineral Oxide or Australian Reef Red Clay (start with less and add more, if needed, in step 3)

1 tsp. Light Clay (like Zeolite or Kaolin, start with less and add more, if needed, in step 3)

Pinch of Yellow Mineral Oxide (optional, start with less and add more, if needed, in step 3)

5 drops essential oil (optional)

Preparation and Use

Note:  Before you begin, place 6 spoons in the freezer.  Trust me on this one, it will make sense later.

1.  Measure the grapeseed/almond oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and beeswax into a sauce pan.  I usually place my saucepan directly on a kitchen scale to make the weighing/measuring easier.


2.  Heat the mixture over LOW heat just until the beeswax melts.


3.  Turn off the heat and add the colorants and also the essential oils, if you’re using them.  Combine well the mixture well to distribute the color throughout.

Note:  Since it’s hard to tell what color the finished lipstick will end up being after it cools, test the batch by removing one of your spoons from the freezer and dipping it into the lipstick mixture while it’s still hot warm.  The oils and butters will cool immediately on the frozen spoon and show you what color it will be once it’s cool.  You can remove the lipstick from the frozen spoon with your finger and test it on your lips or cheeks.  DO NOT LICK THE SPOON!  🙂  If you like the color of your lipstick, proceed to step 4.  If you don’t like it, adjust the color by adding more clays or oxides to tint accordingly.

4.  Carefully, pour the warm/hot liquid into 4 lip balm containers. There are lots of options out there: tin jars, white plastic jars, clear plastic jars, or standard lip balm tubes. My personal preference is for the tin jars, but you can use whatever you like.

Red Lipstick

5.  Allow the lotion to cool completely before placing the lid on the container.

6.  Clean your dishes with hot, soapy water.


I’ve written about the science behind these ingredients when I told you about my Deep Moisturizing All Body Lotion, so I won’t go over it again here.


Lip sticks and rouges can vary widely in cost.  Since I know you can buy makeup at the dollar store, I think it’s safe to say that the cheapest lip sticks and rouges out there are $1 per unit; however, the cheapest “all natural” lip sticks and rouges I’ve seen start in the range of $8-10.  The lip stick/rouge presented here costs about $1.31-2.32 per tube/tin, depending on which ingredients you use (red mineral oxide is cheaper than Australian red reef clay and kaolin clay is cheaper than zeolite clay).  The lip stick/rouge presented here is comparable in price to dollar store varieties, BUT it’s made with beneficial ingredients for your skin and lips and free from harsh chemicals and preservatives.  Plus, it’s so easy, so I hope you’ll give it a try.

The next post in my homemade beauty series is going to feature something I never thought I would make – mascara!  It’s even easier to make than lotions, lip balm and lip stick/rouge, so I hope you’ll come back to read about it.


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