Spring Cleaning: Perspective

For the next few posts, I want to share with you how I tackle spring cleaning.  I want to preface this discussion with an understanding that my vision for spring cleaning isn’t about having a perfect, clutter-free home even most of the time or getting rid of every single useless but sentimental item in my home, but rather it’s about purging the excess and inefficient in all areas of my home in order to make what we do have more useful and efficient in our everyday lives.  Sometimes I tend to keep sentimental items in prominent places in my home where more useful, efficient items should be placed; for me, this usually happens in the kitchen as my family and I love to cook and have a many heirloom pieces in my kitchen.  In any case, the clutter disrupts the functionality of my space as well as our daily peace and comfort.  So, if there is a huge inward struggle in getting rid of something, I’ll store out of sight and mind somewhere (attic, shed, basement, closet, …) until I am ready to get rid of it.  I’ve digressed a little, but throughout this series I’ll try to address how I tackle these inward battles.

In any case, I believe housekeeping is an art and science that can become lost in certain times and cultures as well as in certain phases of life, but I also believe that it is an art and science some of use are trying to learn, explore and, even perhaps, revive.  If you find yourself among the latter, Cheryl Mendelson has written an amazing and comprehensive book on the subject entitled Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House.  She may have gotten me hook, line and sinker when she put the word science in the title.  But, honestly, her work in this book is amazing as it is delightful to read and teaches you how to transform your house into a a comfortable home by offering wise counsel, advice, and insight on food, fabric/laundry, cleanliness, daily life, sleep, safety, and etiquette.  She candidly offers lists, schedules, and instruction on these topics and while I often fall short of the ideal, at least I know what to add as I have the time and resources to add them.  I mention Mendelson’s work because in this series, I will not be able to come close to the detail she put into writing Home Comforts, so if these posts leave you wanting to know more or if you simply want a hard copy for quicker, easier reference, I would highly recommend her work.

I’ll outline how I deep clean and organize room by room with the hope of inspiring you to develop routine and spring cleaning plans that work well for you and your family.  I’ll also try to post before and after pictures as well as how I try to involve my children in the cleaning process.  I’ve only just begun spring cleaning this year, so I’ll be going along on this journey with you – from the bedrooms, to the bathrooms, to the living room/s, the dining room and the kitchen – let’s clean!  🙂


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